Top Democrats Turn On The President — Is This It For Biden?

When President Joe Biden addressed the American people on Monday regarding the Taliban’s shocking takeover of Afghanistan, he opened by stating that “the buck stops with me,” but then followed up the comment with a lengthy blame-game session that targeted everyone but himself, to include former President Donald Trump.

But even members of his own Democrat party weren’t bought out by his finger pointing, and they seem to be turning on him.

Democrat lawmakers are now asking tough questions and demanding answers regarding the botched handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, as the country disintegrates into rule by Taliban terrorists and tens of thousands of Americans remain trapped inside it’s borders.

A Democrat member of Congress who wished to remain anonymous spoke to TheBlaze and expressed bewilderment and frustration with the failed Afghanistan situation, and claimed that “a lot of House Democrats” are feeling the same way.

The anonymous Congressperson said that there was “no excuse” for the negligent mishandling of the situation by either the DOD, the State Department, or both, and said that somebody must have been “asleep at the switch.”

They continued by expressing a need to hold whatever individual or group of individuals were responsible for the mess accountable. “It’s fireable,” they said.

Reports from The Hill demonstrate a similar mood amongst Democrats in caucus, who are even willing to hold responsible party members in the Biden administration. Democrat House Foreign Affairs Chairman Gregory Meeks said that Congress and the American people deserve complete transparency regarding the administration’s Afghanistan strategy.

Meeks declared on Tuesday that the committee would shortly be holding hearings regarding the incident, with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and State Secretary Antony Blinken being called upon to testify.

Other Democrats from the Foreign Relations Committee signaled agreement, with Democrat Senator Bob Menendez promising this week that he would investigate the “policy execution and intelligence failures” that led to the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal.

Menendez blasted the Biden adminstration because he says that Congress was repeatedly told that the security forces of Afghanistan “were up to the task,” and prepared to continue the work of repelling the Taliban. He called the rapid breakdown of the Afghan military “astounding,” particularly after the many billions of dollars that the U.S. spent preparing them. He said that it’s clear now that the people of Afghanistan as well as America were not told the truth about the situation.

Other Democrats such as Representative Seth Moulton of Mass. called the entire fiasco an avoidable disaster, and Rhode Island Representative Jim Langevin accusing the Biden administration of “negligence” that led to this “catastrophe.”

The fiasco represents the worst setback yet for Biden’s still young administration, and by appearances, it’s entirely reshaped the political landscape against him.

Author: Sophia Woods