Top Democrats Caught In Bed With Hamas

The House rejected a bill that would have applied sanctions against the Hamas terrorist organization. The bill was blocked by a vote of 217-209, with Democrats siding en-masse with the longstanding terror group and their associates such as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and other State Department listed terrorists.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) would reauthorize the Palestinian International Terrorism Support Prevention Act. Last session, the bill was able to clear the house but failed in the Senate.

Mast said during a floor speech that the bill would “sanction. . . groups that are supporting terrorism” and called for unity amongst legislators to “stand together” against “groups that are enabling” terrorism.

The last time the bill entered the house it was passed unanimously, however, this time around, pro-Hamas Democrats may have been unwilling to betray their close ally in the middle of an armed conflict.

Prominent amongst Democrat Hamas sympathizers are “the squad” members, who haven’t been closeted in the least about their anti-Semitic viewpoints.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib has been seen speaking to the group Neturei Karta, an extremist organization which believes that Israel must be destroyed and the Jews prevented from holding state office anywhere until the Messiah comes.

Rep. Ilhan Omar brashly defended Hamas’s rocket attacks on Israel, calling the country’s retaliatory strikes the real terror.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called Israel an apartheid state on Twitter, declaring that it is not a democracy.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley called Israel’s retaliation against the rocket strikes a military occupation of Palestine.

It’s also worth noting that Hamas’s top sponsor, Iran, has a prominent seat at the table of U.S. representatives as they try to regain the nuclear agreement of 2015 from Biden, giving them billions of dollars worth of frozen assets and sanctions relief worth tens of billions. And we know that much of that money will be given directly to support Hamas terrorist activities.

Despite Biden’s recognition of that danger, his eagerness to pull off a deal is so great that he’s pursuing negotiations anyway.

Biden is wearing blinders when it comes to Iran, ignoring the obvious. The nation will continue to support their terrorist network including Hamas, Hezbollah, and others until they have completed their agenda of dominating the entire Middle East by force. They have no genuine intention of limiting support to these organizations.

Author: Charles Valdez

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