Top Democrat Slammed For Calling Highways Racist

There are no limits to what the ‘woke’ progressives can spin as racist, and their latest target is the road system.

Pete Buttigieg, former presidential hopeful and current Secretary of Transportation said in an interview that “There is racism physically built into. . . our highways,” and he says that he’s got just the plan to fix it.

Buttigieg is hyping up the $2.3 trillion “infrastructure plan” which is a Democrat spending package designed to enrich partisan-loyal unions and other government cronies. Less than 6% of the package is dedicated to construction of roads or bridges. The rest is leftist pet projects such as climate change spending.

So why are they focusing only 6% of the money on our apparently racist highways while pushing policies for electric vehicles which will hurt minority communities?

If they really cared about colored people in cities, they would pay attention to the 81% of black Americans who say that they don’t want the police defunded in their now crime-ridden communities.

But Biden’s infrastructure bill isn’t about helping minority Americans or improving infrastructure at all. It’s actually just about Democrat pet projects that they dress up as a new shiny way to demonstrate how they can combat racism without actually making a substantive difference.

Author: Rena Manning

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