Top Democrat Saves America From His Own Party — Yes, You Read That Right

Democrats lost their cool recently when Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) betrayed them by opposing their “For The People Act,” which was a major federal election overhaul bill being pushed by radical progressive Democrats.

The voting reform act passed through the House last March without a single Republican’s support, even one Democrat defected from the bill in the House.

The would-be legislation forces states to accept mail-in voting without any exception as well as establish a new commission which would redraw congressional districts in the interest of ending partisan gerrymandering, as if. The bill would also seek to increase efforts to garner voter registration, and reform campaign finance rules, as well as some other measures.

The White House called the bill “urgently needed” as a measure to protect election integrity and “strengthen American democracy.” However, Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader explains that the bill would dramatically weaken election security and make it very difficult to catch voter fraud.

Manchin wrote and published an essay on the topic in the Charleston Gazette-Mail explaining his reasoning for voting against the bill, citing the fact that the bill was advanced strictly through partisan channels. He said that the simple right to vote has “become overly politicized,” calling the “debate” around how to hold elections something that no longer concerns itself with fairness, instead “seeking partisan advantage.” He points out that “partisan policymaking” will have the opposite result of improving election confidence, rather, “it will destroy it.”

He continued by stating that any legislative action on voting policy should be bipartisan or else “we risk further dividing. . . the republic we swore to protect.”

Manchin not only expressed opposition for the “For The People Act,” but also affirmed his position in defense of the filibuster, an issue which Democrats have been driving to remove in order to steamroll over their opposition and more quickly realize their agenda. He said that for as long as he enjoys the “privilege” of being a Senator, he will always strive for “bipartisan compromise, no matter how difficult.”

Progressive liberals were quick to attack Manchin for his moderate position, Representative Mondaire Jones (D-NY) claimed that Manchin’s essay could have been titled “Why I’ll vote to preserve Jim Crow.”

Manchin’s decision is crucial to the success or failure of the “For The People Act,” meaning that his decision to oppose it effectively kills the bill.

Author: George Webster