Top Democrat Predicts ‘End Of Democracy’ When Trump Wins 2024

Former Secretary of State and disgraced 2016 Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton spoke on NBC news “Today” show on Sunday, making histrionic remarks that if former President Donald Trump were to win the 2024 election it would spell “the end” of U.S. democracy.

In a dramatic fit of fear and frustration, Clinton said that she thinks it’s very likely that Trump will take a shot at a second term, and pointed out that his behavior indicates that he is “setting himself up to do that.” The longtime Democrat warned that if the Left isn’t able to stop him or make him “held accountable [in court]” that he just might win the office of President again. Clinton pleaded that the audience fight against Trump to help America survive the “make-or-break point” in order to save democracy. She added that if Trump were elected president again and *gasp* he had a Congress that was aligned with him that liberals would not be able to “recognize our country.”

Clinton said that back in 2016, she tried to “warn” the public about how Trump was “really dangerous” and that there was no limit to the harm “he might do.” She added that she was frustrated with Jim Comey for “the stunt he pulled… before the election” and bitterly remarked that she “would have won” had her corruption not been exposed.

Clinton said that since completing his first term, she believes that the public can “see for themselves what kind of leader [Trump] is.”

Clinton confessed that many people “liked what they saw” while Trump was in charge, and thinks that Trump is preparing to have a shot at the presidency again.

Certainly Clinton is right on that point, the American public has seen what wonderful things Trump has done for the country and know exactly “what kind of leader” he is. Trump will almost certainly run in 2024, and he’s teased that fact multiple times already. Trump will return to the White House and the Democrats know it, that’s why corrupt maniacs like Hillary Clinton have to rouse the troops to battle against him, or they will lose all political relevancy.

Author: Eric Daniels