Top Democrat Finds Loophole To Pass ‘So Many’ Progressive Laws

Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN) made calls once again demanding that the filibuster be laid to rest. On Sunday, she declared that ending the filibuster would help the Democrats push “so many” of their policy priorities, such as ending the recent pro-life legislation passed in Texas.

Klobuchar attacked Texas’ latest “heartbeat” law on CNN recently. The law bans abortions in any instance where a fetal heartbeat can be detected, approximately the 6-week period of gestation. The law also gives legal power to private parties who wish to sue those who are involved in illegal abortion procedures. Klobuchar said that the way to combat legislation such as this was to enshrine the abortion protection handed down in Roe v Wade legislatively, at the congressional level.

She also said that without the filibuster, Democrats could fulfil their dreams of not just making abortion the law of the land, but could also ram through climate change initiatives without needing the approval of half of the country’s representatives.

Klobuchar derided the filibuster as merely an “archaic rule” that stands in the way of progress on important issues. Klobuchar is one of several Senate Democrats who have made repeated calls for revoking or radically altering the filibuster. Klobuchar warned that action on the nation’s most pressing challenges will remain in stalemate if the filibuster isn’t removed.

Last week, the Texas abortion law was brought forth to be challenged by the Supreme Court, which in a 5-4 decision chose not to review the case. The law, de-facto upheld, is a major blow for Democrats and their infanticidal agenda.

Chief Justice John Roberts was amongst the liberal justices on this issue, joining the 4 votes that wished to challenge the Texas law.

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy (LA) who is opposed to abortion, claimed that Democrats were misrepresenting the Supreme Court’s reasoning, pointing out that the Texas law has “nothing to do with [them] constitutionally.” Cassidy also said that Democrats were hoping to distract the public from the many pressing issues created by the Biden administration, such as the disintegrating situation in Afghanistan.

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) called for lawmakers to support a “Women’s Health Protection Act” on Thursday. Pelosi derided the Texas law as being “vigilante,” and promoted her own pro-abortion law which would allow an abortion during any point on gestation all the way though 9 months if any doctor could be found that said that the “mental and emotional” state of the mother might be compromised by the pregnancy.

Currently, the filibuster is the only thing standing in the way of this Democrat wet dream and the American way of life.

Author: Ashley Anderson