Top Biden Official Makes Desperate Excuse For Rise In Violent Crime

President Biden’s senior advisor, Mr. Cedric Richmond, recently claimed that Republicans in congress were the ones ‘defunded’ police forces across America after he was asked about the spike in crime hitting most major American cities.

Richmond made an appearance on ‘Fox News Sunday’ which was hosted by Chris Wallace, and did his best to shift the blame from council members and mayors of American cities, which of course are almost completely run by democrats, for the surge in widespread and violent crime that’s spiked since last summer. The top Biden officially chose to blame guns instead, saying that Republicans should take responsibility for their role in defunding police officers.

Richmond says that part of the problem is the ‘plethora’ of guns that are apparently ‘flooding’ the streets of America. He says that’s something President Biden has to deal with. When asked what he thought about the explosion of crime rates, Richmond responding by saying he understands the toll that all this violence is taking on families, especially all of the gun violence and what it’s done over the past year and a half in America.

Wallace played a clip of Lindsey Graham calling out the war on police officers and the decrease in prosecution for the crime rates. Graham also did not mince words about his disdain for Biden’s plan to deal with the never-ending crime spike.

But Richmond says that Graham doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Richmond said that he and his fellow Democrats were trying to pass emergence relief plans for multiple cities that didn’t have enough cash and had to lay off policemen and firefighters, but the Republicans rejected it. Richmond went on to say that it is, in fact, the Republicans who have effective defunded the police, since they didn’t support Democrat efforts.

The movement for ‘Defunding the police’ erupted after last summer, after widespread protests and riots relating to the death of George Floyd. BLM ‘activists’ and Democrat lawmakers pushed local governments to take the funding from police forces and re-aim those funds into social services for those living in poverty.

Since then, police officers have hemorrhaged from forces around the nation and led to major spikes in crimes. Richmond can say what he wants, but it’s Democrat efforts to vilify police that has, in fact, defunded the police.

Author: Yael Clements