This Restaurant Stabbed Officers In The Back For Violating Their ‘Safe Space’

Three uniformed police officers were denied service at a San Francisco restaurant after the hoplophobic employees claimed that they felt “uncomfortable” in the presence of the officers’ weapons. The staff proudly posted their denial of service on social media.

The staff of San Francisco’s Hilda and Jesse posted an announcement on Instagram that showcases how they shooed off three police officers for invading their “safe space” by wielding sidearms. The staff claimed on their social media post that “weapons in the restaurant,” despite the fact that they were carried by those sworn to protect and serve, made them feel “uncomfortable” and so they sent off the officers in order to protect themselves.

The restaurant’s page added that they would be willing to serve the officers if they returned “out of uniform… without their weapons.”

The clear anti-police behavior of the restaurant comes amid a skyrocketing crime wave that’s taking over urban California such as San Francisco and the Bay Area where smash and grab criminal organizations have been raiding and looting retail establishments.

The city’s Union Square saw many high-end businesses board up following a string of “mass looting” events that rocked the region.

The area has seen such persistent shoplifting and criminality that Walgreens closed 17 stores in the area because it wasn’t profitable. The San Francisco Chronicle describes the situation was one that is “out of control.”

The city has been suffering under Democrat initiatives such as ‘Defund the Police,’ which struck budgets and cut personnel from the San Francisco Police force last summer. The city has also refused outright to prosecute shoplifters, meaning that criminals receive all carrot and no stick when they carry out their misdeeds.

Just two weeks ago, the crime wave reached upscale suburbs with a mass looting that struck a Nordstrom near Mt. Diablo.

Rachel Sillcocks, the Co-Owner and Operations manager of Hilda and Jesse’s, responded to criticism defensively, writing that the “multiple weapons” of the officers made “staff uncomfortable, and potentially other guests.”

Needless to say, the restaurant staff were mocked mercilessly on Twitter for besmirching the police who they need so badly in this current moment.

Author: Janet Stewart