This Is What Makes Democrats Fundamentally Un-American

Former Democrat President Barack Obama is responsible for normalizing the idea of executive overreach on the basis that ‘moral imperatives’ justified bypassing the legislature to get things done.

All that stands in the way of “progress” for radical Democrats like Obama are pesky American institutions like the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court, states’ rights, the Electoral College, and the Treaty Clause. According to Obama, if these troublesome roadblocks hadn’t been in his way, he already would have solved climate change single-handedly.

Just this week, Obama, who owns multiple homes himself including a 30 acre $11.75 million mansion in Martha’s Vineyard, complained about American excess in front of the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Then he threw former president Donald Trump under the bus, accusing him of being in the wrong for exiting the Paris Climate Accord.

Obama has some wild tenacity to be complaining about unilateral governance. The only reason why Trump was capable of withdrawing the U.S. from the international agreement in the first place is that the Obama enlisted the nation in that agreement without the consent of Congress to start with. The Paris Accord was allegedly the most crucial international agreement in mankind’s history, but it wasn’t important enough to survive a genuine national debate or the standard legislative checks and balances of our American government.

Obama noted that he did not bother to approach Congress about entering the Climate Accord, justifying his executive abuse from the past. Obama didn’t just ignore the boundaries and limitations of his office, he steamrolled over them, popularizing and normalizing the idea that the executive branch could act as a king and dictator whenever it deemed it necessary. Obama didn’t limit himself to existential threats either, pursuing multiple partisan executive orders by sidestepping the elected body of legislatures.

Democrats rely heavily on un-American arguments to push their progressive agenda. They see the Constitution as a frustrating roadblock rather than a guiding document. Biden is carrying on the Democrat tradition of ignoring the checks and balances of the American Republic, by rejoining the United States into the Paris agreement, at least until the next Republican president withdraws from it.

Author: Kathryn Evans