This Is One Gold Medalist Americans Can Actually Be Proud Of

With all the ‘wokeness’ and blatant anti-American athletes plaguing the Olympics, there is one Olympian who is finally a breath of fresh air for everyone in the Nation. Tamyra Mensah-Stock, an Olympic wrestler from the United States, has no time or desire to try and fit in with the America-hating ‘cool’ kids.

All she seems to have time for is preparing for hitting the mat – and dominating her next wrestling opponent. Which is exactly what she did last night during her match, and afterwards, she couldn’t contain the emotions that she felt after her win.

Mensah-Stock took home he gold medal on Tuesday after she won the Olympic women’s light heavyweight competition. (69-kg) And afterwards, her emotions said it all. It was pure, unaltered, unguarded joy.

Mensah-Stock said that she felt incredibly happy and was trying not to cry but just wasn’t able to hold in the tears – she said all of this with an American flag wrapped around her shoulders as she beamed with joy.

Mensah-Stock is the second American woman, and the very first black woman to take home the wrestling gold in the Olympics. She is from Katy, Texas and is only 28 years old, with a bright future ahead.

Mensah started wrestling in tenth grade, where she said she knew she could be an Olympian one day, so she kept going until she made it – which she finally has.

Mensah then went on to talk about her father who died in a car accident during her high school years – on the way home from one of her wrestling meets. Tears poured from Mensah as she described how proud her father would be at her victory and how happy he must be. She also laughed as she described how her father was originally from Ghana, which made him pretty much enemies with Nigeria. She said that her last fight against Blessing Oborududu, a Nigerian wrestler, was very poetic in that regard.

But Mensah didn’t stop there in making her country proud. Mensah went on to say that it’s only by the grace of God that she took home the victory. And when a reporter asked her how she felt to have the U.S. flag draped around her shoulders, Mensah-Stock became a true American Olympian, telling the reporter how happy she is to represent America, and how much she loves the good ol’ USA.

And when asked what she would do with the money from her gold medal win – Mensah-Stock didn’t disappoint. She said she will fulfill her mother’s dream and buy her a food truck so she can start selling roadside barbeque. Well folks, it doesn’t get much more American than that.

Author: Nellie Johnson