This Gun Control Company Failed Hard And Fast

David Hogg, an outspoken gun control activist decided to try and launch a competitive “progressive” version of MyPillow, but just a month into the company’s launch, they have yet to produce any of their new “Good Pillow” and it turns out that the trademark already belongs to someone else.

Hogg intended to compete with MyPillow after the company’s CEO, Mike Lindell, vocally supported Donald Trump. Hogg described his effort as a “pillow fight” and recruited tech entrepreneur William LeGate.

Hogg tweeted that his new pillow brand would produce a better product, employ happier staff and support American Union jobs. “This pillow fight is just getting started,” he smugly stated in February.

Legate and Hogg were not just hoping to put MyPillow out of business, but Fox News as well. LeGate tweeted that if they could take out MyPillow, “it could also really hurt Fox News.”

Lindell publicly responded to the supposed competitors efforts by saying “Good for them… nothing wrong with competition.”

Hogg’s company launch was beleaguered by progressive demands on his new pillow company. Left-wing values such as minority union labor and environmental friendliness are easy to ask for but hard to produce. Their initial plan was to profit so grandly and so quickly that they could immediately begin using the company as an engine to fund progressive causes, gun control in particular.

When the company was announced, Hogg promised that customers “should be able to purchase items in around a month.” However, in the month since, there have been no updates on the company’s progress. The latest news from the company came out on Feb. 10, when they said that they were “trying to finalize the list of charity partners”

Worst yet for Hogg and Legate, they forgot to trademark the “Good Pillow” name, and now have a North Carolina business owner to contend with.

While Hogg is supposed to be launching a new brand to bolster far-left issues, we won’t be hearing from him for a while, because he announced on Twitter that he is taking a planned hiatus from publicity.

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