This Democrat Belongs In a Nursing Home, But Is Running For President Instead

She just won’t let it go.

Speculation is rampant that Hillary Clinton, aged 74, and therefore still younger than senile President Joe Biden (age 79), is planning to try another shot at the presidency in 2024.

Last weekend, Clinton ‘warned’ the country that if Donald Trump runs again and wins, it will be the complete end of American democracy.

Her catastrophizing statements were made on the Today Show, where she claimed that Trump would spell “the end of our democracy” and called the 2024 election a “make-or-break point” for the country’s existence.

Clinton keeps getting wheeled out as a stage piece by liberal networks, who reliably feature her every week. It seems that this is a sign that the mainstream media is preparing to push her in 2024, as an alternative to nosediving Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris who have dismal approval ratings of 38% and 28% respectively. The Democrat establishment may hope that Clinton’s name recognition would put her ahead of the rest in another clown-car contest for the Democrat nomination.

Clinton claims that she tried to warn America about how dangerous Trump was in 2016, and still can’t believe that her campaign was overthrown. She put blame on the expose information that revealed how she pupetteered the DNC into nominating her over prevailing candidate Bernie Sanders. If only she could have kept her Stalinesque corruption a secret, darn.

Last week, Clinton brought out the waterworks as she read her would-have-been victory speech for 2016. The mainstream media fawned over it, dutifully airing it as often and as farwide as they could.

Speculation about Clinton’s potential bid at power prompted a response from the White House, which claimed that Biden plans to run for reelection in 2024.

Jason Miller, a former Trump adviser said that Clinton’s plan is to “inject” herself into the 2024 race despite the fact that her failed attempts at the presidency in the past make it clear that nobody wants her.

In October, Clinton claimed that she “will never be out of the game of politics” for as long as she lives.

Author:: David Wood