This Company Took Biden’s Lies Hook, Line, And Sinker — Now Americans Are Paying For It

United Airlines is preparing to fire nearly 600 of their American employees following the deadline for their company-wide vaccine mandate. The controversial move has captured the attention of patriots around the nation.

The company issued a vaccine deadline for their employees of September 27th, and now the airline is moving forward with the firing of workers who refused to comply by that date. Officials at the company said that there are currently 593 employees who face losing their job over the matter.

Officials added that the employees still have a chance to save their job if they can receive a vaccine before their official termination meeting takes place.

United Airlines was the first U.S. main airline to enforce a company-wide vaccine mandate. Other airlines have forced their employees to comply using other means, such as Delta Air Lines charging an additional $200 per month in health insurance costs of their unvaccinated employees.

The 593 holdouts are from a total estimate of 67,000 employees in the U.S. Employees were required to present proof of receiving two doses of Moderna of Pfizer vaccines or one does of Johnson & Johnson. The only stipulation was that the vaccines needed to be taken within 5 weeks of FDA approval or by October 25, whichever happened first. The only exceptions were employees with verifiable religious or health reasons to refuse the vaccine.

Later, United Airlines changed their stance on those declining the vaccine for religious purposes, instead putting those employees on leave without pay until the pandemic “meaningfully recedes,” which is some of the vaguest language ever issued by a corporation, even by advertising standards. Those with medical exemptions were given temporary medical leave.

An estimated 2000 employees from United sought exemptions for either medical or religious reasons following the summer announcement from the company. The company is currently holding off on placing employees on leave without pay until October 15th while they manage a lawsuit from their staff.

Six United employees filed suit against the company for their tyranny, they take issue with the unpaid leave demand as a consequence for their personal medical choice.

Author: Brent McDonald