These Companies Are Jacking Up Prices To Cover Biden’s Inflation

Americans are already noticing an impact on their wallet when it comes to staples such as gas and food thanks to the Biden administrations bull-headed policies that continue to spur inflation. Data that tracks the price of services and goods reveal that inflation is spiking at the highest levels seen since the 1990s.

Starting on September 5, retail consumers will see price increases from the meat giant Tyson Foods, and restaurants that use their products have already increased prices in many cases. Tyson Foods executives explain that they still can’t increase the price of their meats “fast enough to keep pace” with the volatile price increases for raw materials such as grain.

Tyson has already increased the price of pork by 39% across the board, with beef experiencing an 11% rise and chicken jumping by 15%. The company says to expect more price increases in the future, meaning that they don’t buy Biden’s pitch that inflation is merely “transitory.”

Shake Shack is also passing along inflation costs to the consumer, with many items on the menu increasing by as much as 10% thanks to similar circumstances they share with Tyson Foods. McDonalds, too, was forced to raise prices by 6% greater than they had to in the previous year.

Chipotle as well increased prices across the board by 4% in order to compensate for their higher minimum wage policy, but executives have warned that the price may need to increase further in order to remain profitable as raw material inflation affects them as well.

Domino’s pizza has also announced price hikes to offset inflation and the food giant PepsiCo’s chief financial officer declared rhetorically that “there is” inflation, and so will they be raising prices in response? “We certainly are.”

Food and dining aren’t the only industries affected by inflation prices, with Harvey Davidson having to raise prices by 2% for certain models, and paper product company Kimberly Clark raising prices as well. The game-makers, Mattel and Hasbro, need extra coin to remain profitable on their products.

Despite lies from Biden and Jen Psaki that the inflation is “transitory” and will pass in a season, these companies are clearly not taking the bait. Instead, they are prudently raising prices so that their businesses don’t collapse when lasting inflation sets in. Consequently, despite the Biden administration’s promises, Americans will see their dollar dwindle in value, bringing them less and less with every passing day.

Author: Alan Harvey