The Ultimate Double-Standard In Journalism Revealed

Rochester, New York. Two black teenagers have been charged with arson and violent assault in connection with the inhumane and brutal death of a mentally disabled white man.

The accused snuck into the disabled man’s home on Friday afternoon, covered him with combustible liquid, and set him on fire until he was lethally covered in burns.

After the perpetrators left the victim to die, another man came into the apartment to try and put out the burning man, but by the time emergency responders arrived, it was too late. The victim died four days later from burn trauma.

The story was partially reported by a local news station, however, they concealed the race of the perpetrators.

Bob Lonsberry, a Rochester journalist is the person who made the race of the teens public, and highlighted the double-standard of news coverage surrounding the event.

Lonsberry reported statements he received from law enforcement, who said the teens gave instructions to the victim to tell authorities that he had been assaulted by two white men. The Daily Wire received confirmation of Lonsberry’s account from a police source.

The teenagers, 14 and 16 years old, are charged with first degree assault and second-degree arson. Lonsberry noted that the response to this situation would have been very different had the victim been black and the perpetrators been white.

While it’s possible that the race of the involved parties may not prove relevant, the police source report indicate that it’s very probable. Because of the instructions the teens gave the victim, the racial connection in this story is stronger than many other similar cases.

USA Today and The New York Post gave the story some air time, but similarly failed to mention the race of the perpetrators.

Lonsberry writes that in a time when race is the only thing people seem to care about, nobody is willing to report when black teenagers attack a white man. He added that “nobody will ask” the question of whether or not “it was a hate crime.”

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