The True Number Of Migrants Released Into The U.S. Will Blow Your Mind

Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security confessed on Sunday that an enormous majority of the Haitian migrants who managed to cross the U.S. southern border recently have already been released from custody into the U.S., with the serious possibility of many more who will follow them.

Thus far, an estimated 12,400 individuals have been processed through immigration courts with yet another 5,000 dealt with by the DHS. There are currently just 3,000 migrants in detention.

Mayorkas admitted that “about ten thousand… twelve thousand,” migrants had been released into the country when he was asked on Fox News about how many had been released so far. He later added the detail about the DHS’s 5,000.

Mayorkas dismissed responsibility for the matter claiming that he simply “follow[s] the law as Congress… passed it,” and mentioned that the numbers might well be “even higher.”

Mayorkas said that the migrants’ fates have not yet been decided as the administration weighs whether or not they must be returned to Haiti based on factors such as “public health and public interest.”

Mayorkas assured the public that the released Haitians were under surveillance and monitoring to make sure that they appear for their court dates as mandated by law.

Host Chris Wallace pointed out a Department of Justice study which revealed that 44% of those released before their court date never appear. He then probed into whether the same might be expected of the nearly twenty-thousand migrants just dumped into the U.S.

Mayorkas insisted that the government would make sure the system worked, promising that any individuals who fail to appear for their hearings will be removed from the country by default.

When Wallace confronted the Secretary about the estimated 11 million illegals currently living in the U.S., Mayorkas deflected it with leftist rhetoric about Americas “broken” immigration system, calling for reform.

The Biden administration was recently forced into confirming the bad news that since September 9th, 30,000 Haitians had crossed through Del Rio, Texas. Wallace pressed Mayorkas about the administration’s response and the fact that the migrants were able to cross the border so easily in the first place.

Mayorkas tersely responded by saying that the administration is not in support of building a wall. He also attacked the border patrol agents who controlled the crowd with horses, claiming that they represented the need for America’s continued struggle “against systemic racism.”

Author: Cecilia Manning