The Real Pandemic Democrats Are Hiding In Their Cities Revealed

Drug overdoses were responsible for killing over 700 people in San Francisco alone in 2020, while the pandemic, touted as a danger to all, killed less than 300. The overdose death rate is on track to be even higher this year.

The San Francisco Chronicle gave a Saturday report that exposed how twice as many people in the city died of drug overdoses than the communicable disease COVID-19. The report also included that as of April, there have been 252 overdose deaths already, suggesting that the city is likely to surpass the previous years overdose death count, which was already a record-breaking figure then.

The overdose figures are on a sharp rise in the Democrat-led city, with the death count in just the first months of 2021 surpassing the total year’s count for 2017, which saw 222 overdose deaths. The chief medical examiner’s data reveals that the fatalities began skyrocketing in 2019 once fentanyl became common in the city’s drug supply.

Fentanyl, a drug commonly produced in China, is usually delivered illegally through Mexico, where Biden has relaxed law enforcement and a migrant surge keeps Border Patrol’s hands tied up.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott reported earlier in the month that fentanyl discoveries at the border have jumped by 800% over the previous year.

In January, Biden did away with a Trump mandate which allowed the use of buprenorphine by most doctors, which is a treatment for opioid addiction.

Author: Irving Reeves

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