The Racially Motivated Mass Shooter That Mainstream Media Is Covering Up

Law enforcement officials reported from Georgia that a black suspect confessed to them that he specifically targeted white men in a shooting spree that injured five people.

The suspect who remains unidentified, targeted white males in a series of three different shootings due to unsubstantiated claims that white men were responsible for wronging him throughout his life.

The Associated Press reports that the 39 year old black man was accused of wounding five people in Alabama and Georgia with gunfire. The assaults were racially motivated according to the suspect, targeting white men in particular. The shootings took place in Phenix City, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia. All victims of the violence are expected to recover. Columbus Chief of Police Freddie Blackmon said that law enforcement had discovered no evidence that would lead them to believe that the suspect knew any of the victims personally.

Detective Brandon Lockhart explained the suspect’s declared motives on Monday. The suspect claims that white males had “taken from him” throughout his life, particularly “military-looking white males.”

Law enforcement arrested the suspect this past weekend, after the three shootings took place over a 20 hour period.

Police currently believe that the suspect in custody was responsible for the following acts during that timeframe.

On 6-11-21, the suspect shot a single individual multiple times in Phenix City, 2 hours later, the suspect fired upon and shot 3 persons in Columbus on Broadway, on 6-12-21, the suspect shot another person on 3rd Ave in Columbus.

The suspect is currently charged with the theft of the firearm, possession of a firearm as a Convicted Felon, Possession of a Firearm in the use of a Crime, and Aggravated assault (3 counts).

Columbus Chief of Police Freddie Blackmon said publicly that “Uptown is safe,” assuring residents that the shooting incident was an isolated one, and added that there is no information that would lead the police to believe that there were any other parties involved in the shootings other than the one currently in custody.

The mainstream media is attempting to bury this story because it conflicts with their narrative that racism only cuts one way. Normally this is the sort of story that they would make days worth of hay with, but don’t expect to hear about it on the TV soon.

Author: Harry Freeman