The Pentagon Just Made An Astonishing Confession — Biden’s Lies Exposed

On Tuesday the Pentagon let the cat slip out of the bag regarding the number of Americans still trapped in Afghanistan following Democrat President Biden’s embarrassing, disastrous, and chaotic withdrawal from the country.

Previously, the Biden administration kept the figures of abandoned U.S. citizens a secret, selling the American public that the number was extremely low. This led to contradictory and “confusing” reports being given to congress by Colin Kahl, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, and was noted by GOP representative Jim Inhofe (OK) as being very out of line with what the White House was claiming.

Inhofe said in statement that one of the most confusing aspects of the post-Afghanistan withdrawal situation is the fact that nobody could get an official count on the number of abandoned Americans still left in the country. He highlighted how “the administration’s number… keeps changing… it’s very confusing.”

Inhofe noted that the White House repeatedly claimed that a number between 100-200 U.S. citizens still remained in the country, but later started to report much larger figures that had since been withdrawn or contacted the U.S. government requesting evacuation.

The true number of trapped Americans sits at nearly 450, with the majority wishing to leave the country. Kahl released the figures in a recent response, stating that the State Department is currently communicating with 196 Americans who are prepared to exit the country, and arrangements are being made for another 243 Americans, though not all are yet prepared for their departure, according to the statement.

The total, 439 Americans, is a big leap from the State Department’s report of 363 to Congress just last week, which was still much higher than the Biden administration’s claimed estimate of 100.

Last Friday, State Dept. spokesman Ned Price claimed that the number of Americans who planned on exiting the country changed from below 100 to between 100-200 as the situation on the ground evolves. He claimed that the increase in willing departures was driven by the government’s “successful facilitation of… departures in recent weeks.”

Price added that the State Department has been able to evacuate 234 citizens thus far, and 144 lawful permanent residents. As of Tuesday, those figures had risen slightly, but are still a far cry from accounting for everyone. Furthermore, those figures only account for government assisted evacuations, as opposed to the heroic acts of private charters and evacuations from the Sharia nation.

Author: Stephen Cox