The ‘Mark of The Beast’ Is Officially Here

So called ‘vaccine passports’ are the latest governmental overreach being implemented in New York state. While other states are expected to follow their lead, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he’ll have no part in it.

He called the practice prohibiting the unvaccinated from public spaces “completely unacceptable.” He added that it’s incredulous to demand that people “show proof of vaccine to . . . participate in normal society.”

During a Monday press conference, DeSantis said that while he wanted the vaccine to be available to all who wanted it, the policy has always been to “mandate it for none.”

The governor says that Americans should be allowed to make their own health decisions.

He particularly slammed the idea of tracking who was vaccinated and who was not through a private corporation: “You’re going to . . . give all this information to some big corporation?” he asked, warning that the move carried “huge privacy implications.”

USA Today reports that beginning this Friday in New York, residents will be able to use an app which provides a QR code or a printed ticket which proves that they have been vaccinated or have recently tested negative for COVID.

The national newspaper also reported that the corporations will not in fact have access to individuals medical information. The technology is reported to be encrypted via “blockchain technology.”

The Excelsior Pass is an app which works the same way as an airline boarding pass, and reads entrance attendants either a green checkmark for vaccinated, or a red x for not vaccinated.

The cell phone app is being pushed by Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo. The program itself has been funded by state taxpayers and so is freely available to businesses.

Author: Theodore Gerard

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