The Looming Conflict American Forces Are Secretly Preparing For

A new report from The Wall Street Journal reveals that American service members have been working with Taiwanese forces in preparation for a Chinese invasion for at least a year.

According to the report and several U.S. officials they spoke with, U.S. special-operations as well as support troops have been conducting specialized training for small elite units of Taiwanese ground forces. Additionally, the U.S. Marine corp. is working in tandem with Taiwanese maritime forces regarding small-boat operations.

The specialized and cover training seems more critical and prudent with every passing day as the Communist state of China continues to escalate their military might and presence as well as issue ominous warnings and straight up threats to attack U.S. bases and invade Taiwan. Chinese jets have penetrated Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone in record numbers recently, raising concerns that China might be preparing to do treat Taiwan in the same manner that they treated Hong Kong.

The Wall Street Journal points out that these Chinese flights have not yet entered Taiwanese airspace directly, but serve as a reminder that the Communist Party of China sees Taiwan as a lost portion of China that they seek to reclaim. Beijing has issued multiple promises to retake control of the island with force if the Taiwanese do not subject themselves willingly. Additionally, the Wall Street Journal mentioned that several top U.S. military officials gave testimony earlier in the year that Beijing is very likely to launch a war of invasion against Taiwan within the next 6 years, with many officials suggesting that the timeline might be much shorter than that.

If the weeks-long dismantling of Afghanistan by the Taliban informs us of anything about U.S. estimates regarding foreign military strength, then the Taiwanese might have their might tested sooner than expected.

Taiwan, aside from efforts such as partnering with American forces, continues to ready itself for war against the Chinese Communist Party. China’s state owned TV calls the Taiwanese independent government “an evil force” that China “must crush.” Taiwanese foreign minister Joseph Wu spoke to an Australian television network recently and promised that the nation was ready to “fight to the end… that is our commitment.”

Author: Jeremiah Fleming