The Deep State Exposed: FBI Tried to Remove Trump from Office

President Donald Trump has said on many occasions that the Mueller investigation into “Russian collusion” was a witch hunt against his administration. Time and again we’ve heard rumors that the Deep State’s has tried to remove Trump from office. Now, after a shocking confession, we are learning that everything Trump said was true.

You may have heard of the “Deep State” before. It’s a term used to describe powerful agents with the Intelligence community. These unelected men wield incredible power, thanks to the information they receive. They are supposed to use this power Constitutionally, in order to protect the United States.

But what if they used that power for their own political ends?

America was shocked when James Comey, former FBI director, gave Hillary Clinton the clear. He did that, even though she had broken the law with her email server. It was obvious he did this so that, if she had been elected president, she would have kept him on as director.

Comey also opened up a bogus investigation after Donald Trump was elected. The goal: to find dirt that would undermine his authority as president. Perhaps even find grounds to remove him from office.

After President Trump fired Comey, the investigation landed in the hands of another man: Robert Mueller. Despite spending over two years and millions of dollars, Mueller has not found a shred of evidence to suggest Trump colluded with Russia. Mueller’s only harassed Trump allies, in the hopes they’d turn on him.

Now we are learning that, after Trump fired Comey, Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe and other Deep State operatives were trying to find grounds to remove him from office. Citing the 25th Amendment, they tried to pressure Vice President Pence and others to say Trump was not fit to lead. Such a shocking act of treason would have plunged our country into chaos, destroying our democracy.

“These were the eight days from Comey’s firing to the point that Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel,” Scott Pelley, the ’60 Minutes’ host said. “And the highest levels of American law enforcement were trying to figure out what to do with the president.” He said people involved were “counting noses” and considering who might agree to the idea. [Source: Fox News]

It’s hard to ignore the fact that these men were Democrats and former members of the Obama administration. They were pushing the foolish Russian-collusion lie as an excuse to undermine Trump’s historic victory.

These law enforcement officials were not concerned with the well-being of the country, but with getting back at the man who beat Hillary Clinton. From the very start the Russian collusion story was a hoax. They simply wanted to get rid of Trump.

But the 25th Amendment doesn’t give federal agents unlimited power to remove a president. Especially just because they don’t like him.

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz on Thursday said the Department of Justice’s discussions to employ the 25th Amendment to oust President Trump– if true– amounted to an attempted coup…

Dershowitz said any justice official who discussed the 25th Amendment in the context of ousting the president “has committed a grievous offense against the Constitution.” [Source: Fox News]

President Trump has called out the Deep State on many occasions. He has called the Muller probe a witch hunt. The liberal media simply scoffed. They tried to portray the president as paranoid or lying. Clearly, the media wasn’t interested in discovering the truth. They would have been very happy to see Trump removed, even though a fraudulent process.

But American patriots believed him since day one. We fought hard to elect a man who would make America great again. Democrats thought they owned America. They were counting on another eight years as bad as Obama’s. More corruption in high places. More jobs sold overseas. More weakness, failure, and defeat.

More money and power in the hands of the government.

All those Deep State officials were promised nice, comfortable jobs when Hillary was elected.

Now, they’re all out of jobs. Considering this latest bombshell, they might be facing consequences much worse than early retirement.

I’m sure I’m not the only American who will demand investigations into these men.

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