The Crazy Reason Why Biden Snubbed Tesla At His Electric Vehicle Summit

President Joe Biden left Tesla CEO Elon Musk off of the invite list for a summit he’s holding about electric vehicles, with some suspecting that the reason is the all-American automaker’s lack of a unionized workforce.

Top executives from Ford, GM, and other firms developing EV’s joined Biden on Thursday at the White House as the president revealed a total reversal of Trump’s “short-sighted rollback” on efficiency and emissions standards. News outlets and Musk himself were speechless to learn that the globe’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles was excluded from representation at the summit.

Early on Thursday morning, Musk said on Twitter that it “seems odd… Tesla wasn’t invited.”

During that day’s press briefing Press Secretary Jen Psaki got asked why Tesla was snubbed from the meeting. Her masked answer implied that Tesla’s non-unionized workforce was the reason behind the Biden administration’s decision to keep them out.

Psaki said that the White House “welcome[s] the efforts” of companies such as Tesla who pursue the “potential of… electric vehicle[s],” but said that the summit with Biden was for the “three largest employers of… United Auto Workers.” When pressed by reporters about whether Tesla’s non-unionized status was the reason for their exclusion, Psaki simply repeated that the summit had employers from UAW and told reporters to “draw your own conclusions.”

At the ceremony, Biden repeatedly lavished flattery upon United A4uto Workers, and praised them for their commitment to domestic manufacture and the support of local communities in America. A statement that’s nobody need explain is an obvious lie.

As was noted on Twitter by critics, all Musk might have needed to do in order to get a chair at the summit was shift his manufacturing to Mexico in the same way that Ford did. The user added snarkily that 100% Electric vehicles produced with well-compensated American labor apparently wasn’t good enough an example to be showcased at Biden’s White House.

“Irony indeed,” Musk replied coolly.

Author: Miranda Graves