Ted Cruz Exposes Biden’s Plot To Fund Terrorism

Ted Cruz sounded the alarm on Biden’s decision to funnel funds to Palestinians this week during an appearance on a popular radio show. Cruz revealed to listeners exactly how Biden is directly funding Terrorists to murder Americans and The Israeli people.

Cruz told how the Palestinians have already declared their intentions to reward terrorists for their deeds by stuffing their pockets with not hundreds or thousands, but millions of dollars. And where do you think the money is coming from? Straight from the American people, thanks to Joe Biden.

That’s right. Biden is flushing money down the toilet straight into the Palestinian sewers, and it’s all coming from the taxpayers in the United State of America. This means that Americans are, in fact, literally paying for acts of terrorism to be committed on themselves and the Israelis.

These actions of Joe Biden are strikingly similar to his predecessor, Barak Obama. Obama himself sent billions to the Palestinians and good ol’ Joe is set to beat that record before year’s end.

But Cruz will not sit idly by while Biden destroys America by funding the very terrorists who threaten us. No, Cruz is already in action. Fighting on the Capitol steps to re-enact laws and prevent this from happening. It is crucial that he succeed in his mission, or America as we know it will cease to exist.

Author: Kari Gibson

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