Tech Giant Faced With Massive Defamation Lawsuit

Harvard law professor and Attorney Alana Dershowitz has filed suit against Netflix for $80 million over their portrayal of him in their ‘documentary’ series Filthy Rich which follows the story of popular sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Last Wednesday that lawsuit was filed in Miami federal court and claims that Netflix misled Dershowitz (a former lawyer representing Epstein) intentionally about his appearance in the series. The suit claims further that the streaming company defamed him with false assertions that he was sexually engaged with one of Epstein’s victims.

Dershowitz, who lives retired in Miami Beach, claims in the lawsuit that the accusation made by Virginia Giuffre that they were sexually involved are made up and furthermore that Netflix knew it. Giuffre is one of Epstein’s most outspoken victims.

Watch below:

Dershowitz was one of several lawyers who crafted a deal that allowed the wealthy Epstein to dodge a federal indictment in exchange for a guilty plea on prostitution charges in the state of Florida in connection with dozens of underaged girls that authorities claim he molested over several years.

Dershowitz has, however, always maintained that Giuffre’s claims that they were sexually involved are false. The lawsuit states that “Giuffre’s accusations. . . are categorically false” and further states that Dershowitz has “disproved the accusations. . . including under oath.”

Netflix did not offer comment about their “Filthy Rich” docuseries, which hit the streaming service in May of last year.

Epstein served a short jail sentence on the Florida state conviction, which also added him to the register of sex offenders and required that he settle lawsuits brought against him by victims.

Some years later, Epstein was charged at the federal level by New York prosecutors for sex trafficking and further charges related to his abuse of underage girls. He died in 2019 at a jail in New York, the death has officially been ruled a suicide.

Author: Donnie Carlson

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