Tech Giant Censors Top Republican In Naked Display Of Partisanship

Twitter announced on Sunday that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) Twitter account had been permanently suspended following her “repeated violations” of the tech giant’s platform policy regarding COVID-19 vaccine “misinformation.”

Twitter issued a statement reported by The Hill last Sunday, confirming that they had permanently suspended the lawmaker’s account (@mtgreenee). They justified the action based on “repeated violations of [Twitter] policy.”

Davey Alba, a New York Times technology reporter, received confirmation from the company that Greene had accumulated “five strikes” on her account for “medical misinformation” and explained that her account could not be reinstated. “She’s not coming back,” Alba reported.

Alba continued to explain that the Greene’s official political account, @RepMTG, is still active because it has not violated Twitter’s policies yet, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t in the future. Most notable, Twitter banned former President Donald Trump’s multiple accounts on grounds of “ban evasion.” If Greene attempts to speak her mind through her congressional account, “it’ll likely be suspended too,” explains Alba.

Daniel Dale, a fact-checker from CNN, responded to the news with glee, slamming Greene’s personal account as being a repository of “lots of false things” and noted that the Congresswoman’s official account as a lawmaker gets “used for comparatively benign purposes.”

Marcus Flowers, a Democrat hopeful that intends to challenge Greene’s seat in the house in 2022, previously made calls for Twitter to ban the popular Republican pundit. Flowers has even gone so far as to suggest that the duly elected Congresswoman be dismissed from Congress itself. Flower’s comments “Greene shouldn’t be on Twitter or in Congress” were shared on the site mere days before the Tech Giant stepped in and obeyed his demands.

Greene used Telegram to protest, explaining that Democrats like Maxine Waters were allowed to make open demands for violence via Twitter, Ilhan Omar and Kamala Harris were able to bail out BLM terrorists using Twitter support, and “Democrat Propaganda Media” were able to lie about Russian collusion, but she got banned for sharing “VAERS statistics.”

Greene’s official congressional account is still active on Twitter.

Author: Carlos Bailey