Team Biden Announces Plan To Tackle Migration… It’s Exactly What You’d Expect

President Biden and Vice President Harris, who was tasked with handling the southern border crisis, have now unveiled a plan that addresses the “root causes” of the migration surge from Mexico that erupted the moment Biden stepped into office. The target regions deemed as root causes are the “Northern Triangle” countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

What is this brilliant, original, calculated plan you ask? Spend money.

The Democrat leaders went back to the socialist cookbook and decided that addressing “economic inequality” in the aforementioned countries is the best way to stem the ever increasing flow of migrants across the southern border.

In addition to dumping truckloads of money into these foreign countries, part of the Biden administration’s declared plan is to address special-interest problems such as targeting “gender-based” issues in these nations.

So far in the President’s term, the U.S. has already spent $250 million in aid to these countries, but the plan calls for an additional $750 million. For taxpayers interests, is that money better spent on meddling with foreign economies’ “inequality” or building a wall to stop migrants from attempting to cross in the first place?

The administration claims to have the assistance of “12 companies and organizations,” to help generate the funding for their ‘spend more’ plan. The money is expected to be spent on providing financial services, internet and online banking access, low-income housing and lowering the fence to improve access to higher education.

As part of the plan’s announcement, Harris gave a statement in which she declared that the “root causes of migration run deep,” acknowledging that migration itself poses a serious and “direct impact on the United States.” She declared that because of this, America needs to “consistently engage” with these nearby countries so as to create conditions worth staying in.

While the Biden administration laid out several goals regarding immigration, tactics that involve improving border security are completely absent. This is completely in spite of 2021 representing a record-breaking year for migrant activity, with the estimates for calendar year total expected to exceed 1.8 million migrants.

Instead, the Biden administration’s approach is to coordinate with Central American nations and Mexico to “manage” (read facilitate) migration efforts into both Central and North America.

Author: Lauren Haynes