Taliban Executing Christians With Contempt — But Biden Won’t Save Them

Christians in Afghanistan are fleeing to the hills in a desperate effort to escape the clutches of the Taliban who are performing door to door operations, seeking to kill them.

Frontier Alliance International’s partner underground church reported that Taliban are targeting Christians and executing them. FAI also released a report that explains how Christians have nowhere to go because all neighboring countries have shut down their borders. The Taliban are executing hit-lists against known Christians and U.S. collaborators. They also demand that residents place an “X” on their door if they have a girl over the age of 12, and failure to do so will result in the execution of the entire family. Married women of 25 or older are mistreated and then sold as sex slaves. It’s also reported that many women are being left home with guns and instructed to either use it on the Taliban, or on themselves.

The Taliban are also searching for Bibles in people’s homes and going through their phones for bible apps that might reveal their Christian faith.

SAT-7 North America’s Dr. Rex Rogers, owner of the Christian nonprofit said that there are reliable reports coming out Afghanistan regarding the Bible-app executions, and said that “they… kill you immediately.” He added that the Taliban have informants and spies everywhere and warned of the danger of having anything Christian on a cell phone.

Because of this, and because seeking out other Christians can lead to identification, believers are completely isolated and alone. Most don’t dare to attend home churches now, and they are alone and fearful.

Biden has been criticized harshly by Evangelical pastors and faith-based resettlement orgs for refugees in America for causing the humanitarian crisis that followed his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Harvest Christian Fellowship’s Pastor Greg Laurie said that the situation was clearly “grossly mishandled,” and noted how rare it was that individuals from both political parties held agreement on anything, but held agreement on this.

Laurie requested prayers for Christian brothers and sisters trapped in Afghanistan. A relief group that works in the region warned that Christians face increased levels of attack and violence throughout the country, warning that those identified as Christians face death from Taliban, or honor killings by their own families.

Author: Gilbert Burke