Taliban Adopts Tactics Straight Out Of Democrats’ Playbooks

After conquering the better part of Afghanistan, the Taliban instantly began implementing a common tactic touted by progressives and leftists in America, and even are using the same justification for it!

As of Sunday, Taliban jihadists are rounding up and seizing weapons from the Afghani people in Kabul while declaring that they no longer need such instruments and “can now feel safe” since their terrorist big brothers have now taken over the country.

Taliban officials are officially declaring victory and will immediately begin the restoration of Afghanistan’s Islamic Emirate following their takeover of the presidential palace.

Mullah Baradar made an appearance on social media through Twitter alongside his Taliban accomplices, declaring victory for the terrorist organization over the whole of Afghanistan.

He admitted that the rapid military successes of the Taliban in recent weeks constitute “an unexpected victory,” and added that they will begin demonstrating to the Afghani people how they will “serve our people… ensure their future.”

Baradar is reportedly the Taliban’s most public political official and was released from imprisonment in Pakistan following a request sent by the U.S.

Within hours of Baradar’s declaration, the group started to round up and confiscate weapons from the citizens of Kabul. Baradar claims that the only reason for civilians having the weapons in the first place was for “personal safety” and now, since they can “feel safe” under the banner of the most wretched and violent terrorist organization in history, they no longer need them.

Reuter’s noted that the MOBY Group media’s member Saad Mohseni, a resident of Kabul, had all of the weaponry owned by his security team confiscated.

MOBY is an entertainment and news provider that operates out of Africa, South and Central Asia, and the Middle East. Their broadcasts serve over 300 million people on a broad range of topics.

Author: Francis Young