Squad Member Omar Promotes Terrorist Propaganda On Social Media

Earlier in the past week, radical progressive squad member Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) shared a video on Twitter that was produced by an anti-Israeli organization. The organization in question has now been reported to be under investigation by the FBI for their connection with terrorist organizations.

Omar retweeted the propaganda piece on Tuesday, following just a day after her infamous declarations on the same social media site in which she claimed that both Israel and the United States were comparable to terrorist organizations such as the Taliban and Hamas. On Thursday, several senior Democratic leaders decided to mount a response and distance themselves from the anti-Semitic radical by issuing a unified statement as a rebuke.

Six House Democrats including House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in an official statement that Omar’s “false equivalencies” about democratic nations and terrorist organizations were not just factually wrong but furthermore “foments prejudice and undermines progress.” They added that they “welcome” — read; demand — that Congresswoman Omar make a “clarification” about how “there is no moral equivalency” when it comes to developed democratic nations such as Israel or the U.S. with terrorist groups such as Hamas or the Taliban.

Omar, begrudgingly cowing to the pressure of her seniors’ in the party tried to backpedal by claiming that her intention was only to comment about “specific incidents regarding. . . International Criminal Court cases,” adding that she didn’t actually mean that she believed there’s no difference between the behavior of “terrorist organizations [and]. . . well-established judicial systems.”

The group who’s video Omar retweeted is the International Solidarity Movement, a group identified as one of the most Anti-Israel groups in the country according to the Anti-Defamation League. The group is also being investigated by the FBI for being linked to terrorist activity.

News outlets such as Fox News have reached out to both the ISM and Omar’s office for comment but have not received any response.

Old-school Democrats may still remember the basic differences between radical anarchists and hard-won rule-of-law countries, but this clearly marks a distinction between the old generation of Democrat and the new. In 20 years when Democrat dinosaurs such as Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein etc. have passed, they will be replaced with more radical progressives such as Omar, who by then will be leading the pack along with the rest of her ‘squad.’

Author: Rene Owens