‘Squad’ Member Livid Over Rittenhouse Decision — Throws a Huge Woke Tantrum

Congresswoman and Squad member Cori Bush (D-MO) accused the judge in Kyle Rittenhouse’ trial of promoting “white supremacy” after ruling that the men shot in the incident cannot be referred to as “victims” by either the defense or prosecutors.

Judge Bruce Schroeder of the Kenosha County Circuit Court justified his decision for banning the word “victim” on grounds that it is a “loaded word.” Rittenhouse’s defense team is permitted to refer to the (all white) men he shot as “arsonist,” “looter,” or “rioter” if evidence exists to support those labels.

Responding to news of the decision, Bush labelled Rittenhouse as being a “white supremacist,” and said that the ruling was proof of “how deeply rooted white supremacy is.” She added that the “injustice system [doesn’t] value Black lives,” and hailed those who were shot as “victims” who stood up for Black lives. She seemed to indicate that the individuals who were shot should be proud to consider themselves rioters, looters, and arsonists.

Prosecutors were deeply upset with the ruling handed down by Schroeder, and attempted to argue that the behavior of the men Rittenhouse shot were not relevant to the particular case that was being litigated.

Thomas Binger, an Assistant District Attorney downplayed the behavior of the assailant who struck Rittenhouse, Rosenbaum, as merely dabbling with “arson,” and “being loud and disorderly.” He claimed that because Rosenbaum didn’t threaten to assault, chase, or murder anyone other than Rittenhouse that night, that his prior actions are irrelevant to the case at hand.

Judge Schroeder interjected, mocking Binger’s comment that “all we’re talking about is arson.” The judge lost patience with the attorney, saying “come on!”

Radical Democrats such as Cori Bush employ ‘Critical Race Theory’ to every issue in existence to justify their victimhood claims as well as attempts to dismantle and undermine America’s legal system, history, and culture. Bush’s sentiments may not reflect anything new to modern readers, but it needs to be recognized for what it is, a radical new form of progressivism that pursues social Marxism.

If propaganda from from far-left radicals like Bush go unchallenged, the next generation will wake up in an America that closely resembles chairman Mao’s China after the cultural revolution. That is, after all, the aim of Cori Bush, to spark an American cultural revolution.

Author: Alan Bell