‘Sleepy Joe’ Was Too Slow To Act — GOP Leader Takes The Reins At Border

Texas Governor Greg Abbot says that the southern border migrant crisis is a “health and safety nightmare” as new allegations of abuse continue to pour out of holding facilities.

Two state agencies have made accusations of sexual assault, child abuse, and a lack of food for minors being held at the Freeman Coliseum facility, a place where hundreds of teenagers are being held.

Abbott spoke on Wednesday in San Antonio, calling the accusations “outrageous” and demanding that the facility be shut down immediately. He suggests that the children be moved to other federal facilities that have appropriate “space, personnel, and resources” to care for the children.

The packed migrant facilities are another wrinkle in the U.S. battle against the coronavirus pandemic. Abbott claims that infected minors are not being properly quarantined from others, spreading the virus further. He also said that there was not enough medical supplies to help sick people recover.

In March, Abbott wrote a letter to President Joe Biden calling on the White House to address the issue, he said that the President had “failed to act” and called the administrations border policies “reckless”, as they encouraged the surge of migration.

He pointed out that the administration chose to open the borders without appropriate preparation for a surge that was predictable, and now they are caught in a child abuse situation.

Biden’s lack of action left the frustrated Texas Governor to take some matters into his own hands. He has sent the Texas Department of Public Safety in addition to the Texas Rangers to investigate the allegations. If he finds the allegations to be true, he says he has plans for action.

Author: Natalie Perkins

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