Skeletons In Biden’s Closet Rattle Over Secret Ukraine Deal

President Biden’s administration has been discovered strong-arming the Ukrainian government into remaining silent about a backroom deal that’s expected to be unveiled soon by Germany, the deal is related to Russia’s completion of the controversial Nord Stream 2 oil pipeline that would supply huge quantities of oil to Europe, while simultaneously enriching the former USSR government.

The Wall Street Journal ratted Biden out, reporting on Tuesday that the President’s administration is abandoning the government’s “longstanding opposition to the pipeline,” the report adds that the pipeline has been very anticipated in Europe, citing that the pipeline’s fate has “dominate[d] European energy-sector forecasts” for years. Additionally, Germany is contracted to aid Ukraine with issues such as diplomacy and other energy-related projects.

Politico reported later in the day that Biden is putting pressure on Ukraine to keep their secret “vociferous opposition” to the pipeline under wraps as the administration worries about how it could damage the relationship between Washington and Kyiv. The administration is also reported as having instructed the Ukraine government to keep dealings between the U.S. and Germany from leaking to Congress. The entire affair, as the report point out, is in total opposition to the will of Congress which maintains that U.S. intervention should and should block the pipeline. Politico noted that an unnamed source who is close to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Biden absolutely has the power to prevent the pipeline if he had any genuine will of standing up to Russia.

CEO of the European Policy Analysis Center, Alina Polyakova, said that the situation is completely “unbalanced and unfair,” saying that “if Trump did this” the media and U.S. politicians would have a meltdown.

Senior Fellow from the Hudson Institute, Rebeccah Heinrichs took to social media, criticizing Biden for caving on the pipeline after previously declaring that he would always place “democracy over autocracy.”

Senator Ted Cruz slammed Biden once he learned that the U.S. was going to strike a deal with Germany allowing the pipeline’s completion. Cruz said that the American people were never in doubt that “Biden was in bed with Putin,” but added that “now, they’re spooning.”

Author: Madeline Hamilton