Sinema Pulls The Rug Out From Biden In The Nick Of Time

Despite President Biden’s raving against Republicans recently, it was actually a Democrat Senator who struck the final blow to the White House’s latest effort to secure a legislative victory over “voting rights.”

On Thursday, Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema stepped onto the Senate floor to explain the importance of the legislative filibuster to the assembly, arguing that it was a necessary function of our legislative policy and not worth abandoning for the sake of near-term goals.

Demonstrating greater foresight than both the late Harry Reid or current Senate Majority Chuck Schumer, Sinema explained that the 60-vote threshold is a “critical tool that we need to safeguard our democracy… in the years to come.” Throwing out the legislative filibuster for the short-term goals of Democrats’ radical federal election takeover is something that Sinema believes will “worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our country.”

Sinema added that without the filibuster, the country risks instability due to “wild reversals in federal policy.”

Sinema’s longstanding support of the filibuster as a means of ensuring broad support for federal policies has been made clear, and despite her detractors who try to dismiss her stance as merely being bought or manipulated, she spoke clearly and persuasively in support of the filibuster this past Thursday.

Sinema explained that she’s supported the filibuster for years while serving as both a Senator and Representative. She said that she’s heard several worthwhile suggestions to help make the American legislative body “more productive… deliberative, more responsive to Americans’ needs,” but the legislative filibuster isn’t one of them.

Sinema pointed out that seeing the filibuster “as a weapon of obstruction or as a safety net to save the country from radical policies” is simply a matter of “whether you serve in the majority or the minority” at any given time. She says that it is “a guardrail” to ensure that public policy is “broadly supported by senators representing… Americans.”

With her speech, Sinema ended Schumer’s hopes of adjusting the rules to force President Biden’s latest policy priority to pass. It also proved that Biden’s election overhaul speech was a complete failure.

Biden’s false claims that those opposing his federal election takeover scheme are equivalent to Confederates did not change any minds or make him any friends. Sinema just handed Biden his first major defeat of the year as Democrats face another year of gridlock before being outdone in the 2022 elections.

Author: Nicole Bailey