Shoppers Up In Arms As Democrats’ Inflation Crisis Spirals Out Of Control

Democrats and the Biden administration won’t stop handing out assurances that staggering levels of inflation will only impact wealthy individuals, demonstrating their absolute ignorance that working and middle-class Americans need to eat, drink, and use common household goods as well.

Proctor and Gamble shared the recent bad news that personal care products such as razor blades, toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste will all see a price spike in the near future. Fortunately, according to Democrats, only rich people use those items. The CEO of Heinz warned that Americans should ready themselves for permanent food price increases. With skyrocketing inflation, we find ourselves with the captain asleep at the wheel, as President Joe Biden fails to make any policy adjustments in the face of crippling inflation that’s harming everyday Americans.

Biden believes he’s solved the problem by simply declaring that our ports work around the clock, as if that were the problem. The real issue stems from a lack of available labor, which stems from his policies which handed out government cash to everyone who didn’t have a job. Why bother unloading crates or driving trucks when you can make the same money watching TV at home?

All that Joe Biden has contributed to solving the problem is a lame speech where he announced the aforementioned plan. He also created a deadbeat task force that will doubtlessly fail thanks to the administration’s abject and demonstrable incompetence. In the middle of this crisis, the nation’s transportation secretary has been gone on paternity leave.

Food prices have already jumped by 4.6% in recent months, with staples such as poultry, eggs, fish, and meat jumping by 10.5%.

Democrats on Capitol Hill, however, are safely buffered by the recession-proof wealth of the D.C. area, living in oblivion to the pain that Americans across the country are feeling in their wallets and bank accounts.

Democrats are so out of touch that they are still pursuing a multi-trillion dollar spending package that will only worsen the situation, and just in the dead of winter too when energy companies are warning that natural gas prices will soar thanks to Biden’s anti-energy agenda.

Author: Spencer Hubbard