Shooting ‘Victim’s’ Neighbor Comes Clean About What Happened

Donovan Brinson, the neighbor of Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16-year-old girl shot by an officer, did not hold back about what happened during the encounter. Brinson watched the entire incident unfold from his driveway.

The two girls in the altercation were apparently calling each other profanities, but Brinson didn’t know it was serious. Later, when he was taking his dog out for a walk, he heard four gunshots after the police arrived.

Brinson has security cameras around his house, which he later used to view the fight and eventual shooting. Brinson is absolutely convinced the officer made the right decision. He believes that if the officer hadn’t shot the girl, she would have stabbed multiple bystanders. He thinks the officer was justified in stopping this threat.

Another neighbor agrees with Brinson, saying that the girl was in attack mode, and needed to be stopped. She was aiming a knife at the other girl in the video, and could have killed her.

The officer in question is now off duty while the case is being investigated.

Author: Nellie Pierson

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