See Why Kamala Just Landed on “America’s Most Hated List”

A fix for the surging border crisis is supposed to be spearheaded by President Biden’s right-hand woman, Vice President Kamala Harris. But the extra volunteers and duty members sent down to the border have noticed her absence.

Harris has been completely silent and absent in the face of her ascribed duty. Even after Biden officially picked her as the leader to respond to challenges at the border. But she has more pressing matters to attend to that are nowhere near the border.

While government officials are having to volunteer their time to keep our border safe, Harris is attending to renovations for her Vice President mansion. The renovations have apparently been delayed, although the administration did not explain why that would be the case. Harris is reportedly living “out of suitcases” in the president’s official guest house, although Americans are asking why she isn’t taking her suitcases down to the border to work.

When Harris was asked when she would be going to the border in person, she tartly responded “Not today!”

While the Vice President and her task for continue to procrastinate on action at the border, the crisis continues to boil over with numbers of immigrants averaging 5,000 a day for the month of March, 50% greater than February.

Author: Dean Finney

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