Rittenhouse Announces Plan To Take On ‘Corrupt Pieces Of S***’ Like His Prosecutor

Kyle Rittenhouse, the recently acquitted 18-year-old who was charged with murder after shooting three men in self defense during a Black Lives Matter riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year, has come to a career decision following the intense trial he was put through.

Rittenhouse spoke to Elijah Schaffer and Sara Gonzalez of BlazeTV on Monday, saying that he no longer wishes to pursue a career in nursing, rather, he has his mind set on becoming a lawyer.

When asked by Schaffer about his life plans now that the trial has concluded and he’s a free man, Rittenhouse responded “I want to be a lawyer… got to law school.”

Gonzales followed up by asking Rittenhouse if he made that decision during the trial, or if it was a longtime aspiration of his.

Rittenhouse replied that he came to the decision “toward the end of the trial,” adding that he wants to fight against “corrupt piece of shit prosecutors like Thomas Binger… put them in their place… make sure they never practice law again.”

Gonzalez responded “I love that.”

Rittenhouse has not hidden his disdain for Thomas Binger, the Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney, following the aftermath of his high-profile trial.

Days after Rittenhouse’s acquittal, the teen spoke to Tucker Carlson on Fox News, calling Binger a “corrupt person” and accused the lawyer of seeking to make himself famous without regard to the hard facts of the case.

Binger made several major missteps during the trial, claiming during his closing arguments that the right to self-defense goes away if “you’re the one who brought the gun.” This legal fallacy has been famously busted in days since.

Binger also added that Rittenhouse had no right to declare self-defense because he “created” the danger. Again, his words were in direct contradiction to the clear facts.

During his interview at BlazeTV, Rittenhouse took after basketball legend LeBron James for questioning his emotional state after shedding tears during the trial.

The teenager confessed that he was once a fan of both LeBron and his team, the Los Angeles Lakers. However, all that changed after he saw LeBron insensitively comment on his trial.

The full interview is available below:

Author: Irvin Adkins