RINO Romney Faces Judgement Day — Gets Slapped With Brutal Punishment

Utah’s Republican Party in Weber County has censured Senator Mitt Romney for his impeachment vote against Donald Trump. This measure is in defiance of the state GOPs decision to stop just such a measure.

The county GOP took a vote of 116-97 deciding to censure Romney, citing his votes against Trump as illegal since they claim that due process was not performed in the Republican president’s impeachment trial.

The action comes shortly after the state GOP failed to censure Romney with a vote of 798-711 in opposition of the measure.

Romney had criticized Trump throughout the president’s term, and voted to impeach him twice when the opportunity came. Romney was the only Republican to vote against Trump in the first trial, and one of few who voted for impeachment in the second. Trump was acquitted in both trials.

When Romney entered stage during the Utah state GOP convention, he was booed and heckled; with audience members calling him a “communist” and “traitor.”

Romney responded by defending his stance against Trump and told the audience that they “can boo all you like” but that he’s been a lifetime Republican.

Neither the Utah Republican Party nor Romney have given comment on the Weber County’s censure decision.

Author: Alfred Reeves

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