Rick Scott Calls Out Biden’s Bias, See How …

According to the teachers’ unions, it is not safe for students to return to school until all teachers receive full vaccinations, even though this comment runs contrary to the CDC’s statement. Though Democrats campaigned heavily on “following the science” in terms of taking control over the pandemic, they have now opted to ignore the data from the CDC.

Thus, the NRSC, or National Republican Senatorial Committee, observed the Democrats’ choice to avoid the CDC data, particularly after their “follow the science” claim.


In addition, the NRSC Chairman, Senator Rick Scott of Florida, criticized the Democratic lawmakers for their refusal to stand up to the teachers’ union bosses.

“So much for ‘following the science,” Scott remarked, adding that school classrooms are some of the safest spaces for both teachers and children across the United States.

Scott also added that the “consequences … are incalculable” in terms of keeping young people away from learning in-person. Moreover, Scott also notes that these consequences are the direct result of Democrats’ refusal to challenge union bosses.

As Scott commented, all Americans should be asking the following question: “Why does our Senator fight for teachers unions instead of our kids?”

Aside from CDC guidance, more than $80B has also been given to schools to help develop and implement protocols related to COVID in order to provide schools with more resources for ensuring safety.

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