Republicans Reveal The Undeniable Link Between Dictators Biden And Castro

On Thursday, a massive group of 189 members of Congress led by Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), issued a letter to President Biden, pleading with the administration to end pressures against private social media companies by demanding that they censor Democrat-defined “disinformation” on their websites.

The letter was issued on the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Twitter account, addressing President Biden and his administration regarding their “ongoing efforts… to censor speech… it disagrees with.” The letter also compared Biden to a “Cuban dictator.”

The letter also states that Democrats have been “attacking the First Amendment” since the very beginning of Biden’s presidency. The letter says that such anti-free speech behavior would be expected “from a Cuban dictator,” rather than the President of the United States, one whom the letter points out was formerly the Chairman for the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The letter tears into Biden’s presidency hard, citing the many instances in which Democrat Party officials have used tech companies and social media to silence opposition. Most notably, and mentioned by name in the letter, the Facebook crackdown against the Wuhan lab leak theory is explained in detail.

The letter slams Democrats and tech companies for their handling of what “was once labeled as ‘misinformation,'” noting how the narrative shifted and now the theory is “viewed quite differently.” The letter says that not only would it be wrong on First Amendment grounds for the government to silence voices on such matters, but points out that Biden’s “‘truth’ might be wrong” to begin with!

Many of the letter’s signatories added their thoughts on Twitter to share how they felt about Democrat’s censorship of free speech, as well as the Biden administration’s collusion with Big Tech.

The letter ends by asking the president to disclose the names of companies that the administration is working with in order to silence “disinformation,” as well as the lists which label information deemed as “disinformation,” and lists of users who have been banned for sharing their thoughts.

Author: Marylyn Scott