Republicans Make Biden ‘Eat Crow’ For Attacking Governor

It’s been two months since Joe Biden attacked Texas Governor Greg Abbot for ending the state’s mask mandate and lifting business restrictions. In that time period, there have been zero deaths reported in the state from COVID-19.

The Lone Star State reported on Sunday that it had no coronavirus deaths for the first time in about 14 months. Abbot also gave the report that the total number of active cases, 388, was the lowest number seen in 13 months.

President Joe Biden criticized the easing of pandemic restrictions in both Mississippi and Texas, calling the actions “Neanderthal thinking” in regards to the states’ respective governors.

Governor Abbot announced back in March that the state would allow businesses to operate at full capacity, despite warnings from health officials that there could be a spike in cases. Biden said “I think it’s a big mistake,” when asked about the governor’s actions. He then stressed the importance of wearing masks and distributing vaccines.

However, since Biden’s comments, case counts across the country have dropped as Americans continue to get vaccinated. The CDC updated it’s guidance last Thursday, claiming that vaccinated individuals don’t need to wear a mask to be safe around others, bringing an end to over a year of mask mandates.

It’s been argued by some that the new direction is unclear and relies too much on an honor system where essential workers will need to self-police for individuals who have vaccination records. Current estimates place the total vaccinated population at 47% of adults, with 60% having received at least one shot. The virus has killed 585,000 Americans according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Author: Philip Poole

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