Republican Governor Uncovers Biden’s Own Neanderthal Thinking

Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke out against President Biden’s policies on Thursday during a Fox & Friends interview. 

Biden had recently accused Governor Abbott of using “Neanderthal thinking,” for lifting mask mandates in his state. Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves received the same charge from Biden for lifting all state regulations as well.

Gov. Abbot pointed to the lowered count and an increase in the availability of vaccines as a justification to lift the coronavirus regulations this coming March 10th

In the interview, Gov. Abbot brought up the issues of the Biden administrations attempts to release COVID infected illegal immigrants to come across the Texas border. “That is a Neanderthal type approach to dealing with the COVID situation,” he said.

Gov. Abbot then stressed that the past year had taught Texas residents how to deal with the disease by social distancing and voluntarily wearing masks, “Where we are today is completely different from where were were this time last year,” he added “Texans have learned the best practice, and that is to wear a mask.” He then said that the Texas government would continue to recommend that people wear masks in public.

The governor pointed out that the largest spikes in COVID numbers came after Christmas and New Years, saying that the transmissions were not via schools and businesses but home settings where people don’t wear masks around each other.

He summed up by explaining that mask mandates no longer needed to be handed down from the government anymore since “Texans do know the best practices.”

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