Red Wave Floods America As Biden’s Failures Mount

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) reports that it has beat the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in fundraising by over $4 million for the month of May and now holds a $6.1 million cash advantage.

The NRCC also reported in their Friday statement that they currently hold $42.1 million in cash compared to the DCCC’s $36 million.

NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer weighed in on the matter by explaining that the American public is pushing hard to “stop Nancy Pelosi and. . . Democrats’ socialist agenda,” calling the “record-breaking fundraising” a clear indication that the Republican party is “primed to retake the majority.”

The current state of affairs in the House of Representatives is 219-211 with the Democrats holding the higher ground, if the five currently vacated seats were to be filled by members of their historical party the numbers would be 222-213. The midterm elections are a in serious contest however, with U.S. News and World reporting that the University of Virginia Center for Politics has analyzed the midterms with their “Sabato’s Crystal Ball” system and anticipates that 19 Democratic-held seats in the House are “toss-ups” while only two Republican seats are similarly difficult to predict.

It’s typical that the standing president’s party will lose seats during midterm elections, a trend which has held true in 17 of the last 19 midterm elections reaching back to World War II. On average, this results in a turnover of 27 seats.

The Brennan Center reported that the GOP has almost complete control of new boundaries for congressional districts with 181 newly formed regions as a result of census results compared with 74 districts at most for the Democrats.

Despite losing the White House, Republicans nearly regained power in the house in 2020, and it’s looking very likely that they will succeed in 2022.

Politico reported back in February that the NRCC is targeting the seats of 47 House Democrats, particularly those from “once-Republican suburban areas” that diminished during the Trump era. Seats currently held by the likes of Andy Kim (D-NJ) and Carolyn Bordeaux (D-GA).

Republicans are also targeting and predicting success in working class areas such as those currently represented by Ron Kind (D-WI), Cheri Bustos (D-IL), and Peter DeFazio (D-OR). Furthermore, the Republican party has found favor and allies with the Latino community at the U.S.-Mexico border, picking up representation in previously Democrat territory.

Author: Arturo Bryant