Rashida Tlaib Is a Treasonous Anti-American And Should Be Treated As Such

Radical leftist Representative Rashida Tlaib announced a radical new item to add to the Democrat agenda. Don’t just stop at defunding the police, but defund both Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), she even suggested defunding and removing the parent organization of both, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Why do such a thing? Because she alleges that all of these protective wings of the American border are participants in terrorism. The Leftist effort to remove or brainwash America’s fighting and protective forces is continuing to gather steam, as they brand anything standing in their way as being an enemy of the state.

When an interviewer questioned Tlaib about her opinion of Biden’s handlers’ suggestion that new technology might help control the border crisis, Tlaib shifted the conversation to talk about her radical proposal. She stated that the government must “eliminate funding for CBP, ICE and… DHS.” The reason she cited is that the agencies are supposedly “inept to humanely guiding migrants” into the U.S. legally, and accused them of “terroriz[ing] migrant communities.”

Terrorizing migrant communities? The accusation has no basis, but is an assumed reality that leftists such as Tlaib and Biden hold as they wage a windmill-tilting war against the “white supremacist” elements within our armed services.

Tlaib claims that because our border protection agencies are engaging in regular terroristactivity against migrants, the technology improvement proposal “is something that many… [in] Congress” are pushing against “with full force.”

Tlaib claims that border security is inherently racist. She calls border enforcement a mere renaming of “militarization or targeting… of our immigrant neighbors… of color.” Adding that border enforcement agencies routinely “violate human rights and dignity.”

Tlaib’s solution to this problem? Immigration reform at the legal level, which is true, but not the way in which she would have it. Tlaib supports complete open borders, and total amnesty for those who have incurred penalties for illegal crossings in the past. Her border revision involves a complete defund or disbandment of our border apparatus, to the point that there’s really no such thing as a border.

It seems like Tlaib is seeking to make America entirely defenseless against it’s enemies, as she openly supports Palestinian causes in Congress while ignoring the safety and needs of her supposed constituents; the American People.

Few people consider treason anymore, but the definition of treason is to give aid to the enemy. Is her vision of America’s borders anything less than a boon to our enemies?

It’s unlikely that Tlaib could ever be tried by spineless Republican leaders in today’s political climate, and so her radical view of immigration enforcement is likely to become the Democrat mainstream before long. They already defunded the police, what’s really stopping them from defunding DHS?

Author: Raymond McCarthy