Race To The Bottom: Biden Officially More Hated Than Harris

Democrat President Joe Biden’s approval rating now sits below that of his running mate, the deeply unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris, who’s approval ratings were already the most dismal of any before her, according to a Gallup poll released recently.

The total figures for approval of job performance amongst the American public ranks Harris at 44% with Biden falling behind her at 43%.

Though the difference between the unpopular pair is quite low, Harris’ already sat at an astonishingly low figure for only having been in office less than a year.

The vice president, who happens to be the first woman as well as woman of color to obtain the seat of a national elected office, has been a subject of deep frustration amongst Democrats and heavily criticized by Republicans in recent weeks.

Whistleblowers at the White House revealed last month that Harris’ office has become completely dysfunctional with Harris struggling to maintain order, organization, and focus as the vice president. Meanwhile, diehard Harris supporters point the finger at Biden, claiming that she hasn’t been given a fair opportunity by the President to succeed as a leader.

Harris’ strategy (or lack thereof) at the southern border is perhaps the most pointed of the multitude of criticisms aimed at the fledgling VP. Biden personally assigned her to managing the migration crisis at the southern border, but the strategies which she’s adopted have been widely recognized by both political parties as completely ineffective.

Harris claims that she is managing the “root causes of migration” by spending her efforts in the nations that migrants are fleeing from. However, migrants have continued throughout the year to overwhelm border authorities and pack immigration courts beyond their abilities.

Meanwhile, Biden has faced legislative and political issues of his own that are driving down his approval numbers. The president’s signature social spending bill, ‘Build Back Better,’ comes with a whopping $1.9 trillion price tag and was essentially axed by a fellow Democrat, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) who refused to vote for it.

Progressive Democrats were enraged at Biden’s failure to strike a deal with Manchin and garner enough Democratic support for the spending plan which he had partially run his campaign on.

Author: Phillip Richardson