Putin Pulls Biden’s Puppet Strings, Cruz Makes Him Regret It

For the past five years, there have been ceaseless accusations about how former President Donald Trump was a secretive foreign agent working on behalf of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. In some cases, accusers meant this rhetorically while others were stupid enough to believe it literally.

But something Donald Trump never did for Russia was green-light an oil pipeline which would give the post-soviet state enormous control over Germany and Eastern Europe. Instead, that decision can be attributed to Joe Biden, who is far softer on Russia in reality than Trump was ever accused of being by the media.

Ted Cruz was the first to respond to word about the lifted sanctions, which permit the Nordstream 2 pipeline to enter its completing phase of construction.

Cruz sharply pointed out that “on day one” the first thing that Biden did was close down America’s Keystone XL pipeline project, as Cruz points out, this decision ended 11,000 well-compensating jobs, with 8,000 of those being union jobs.

Then, he mentions, the U.S. is attacked by Russian backed cyber-terrorists when they took out the Colonial Pipeline system, causing mayhem and emergency in the eastern U.S. Cruz said that Biden “did nothing to defend it.”

“And now,” Cruz says, rather than ratchet down on sanctions in light of this act of aggression, “[Biden’s] reward to Russia. . . greenlighting the Nordstream 2 pipeline.”

Cruz remembers that Congress passed sanctions preventing this pipeline twice with bipartisan support. “I authored those sanctions. We stopped it.” He boasted, but “Putin began rebuilding. . . right after Biden was elected.”

And now, Biden just gave Putin a waiver to do as he pleases. Biden apparently thinks pipelines and jobs are fine for Russia, but bad for America. Cruz called Biden’s logic on the matter “backward” and “asinine.”

Opposition to Russia’s completion of the Nordstream 2 pipeline has been a major bipartisan issue, that’s why it was passed two times previously to start with. It’s obvious that enriching a militant state with oil sales while simultaneously spending billions of dollars on NATO to hold back that state is a plainly counter-productive strategy. However, that’s precisely what the Biden administration is up to.

Biden should be investigated for his release of sanctions on both Russia and Iran. Is his son’s connection with Russian oligarch’s part of his foreign policy decision? For some reason, nobody at the DOJ seems interested in such a pertinent probe.

Our foreign policy has reverted to the failed Obama era doctrine, and we’re already seeing the disastrous results. With a weak, sick man at the helm our enemies in Palestine, the Middle East, and the far East, see America as a lame duck on the world stage. As long as a Democrat is Commander in Chief, our enemies will trample over democratic nations with whimsy.

Author: Shannon Ellis

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