Public School Girls Are Terrified Of These ‘Skirt-Wearing Boys’

You may remember the story of the girl who was raped while using the bathroom at her school in Loudoun County. This terrifying even occurred because of the public school’s “trans friendly” environment, that allows biological boys to use the bathroom with young girls.

The good news is, though, that the teenager responsible for the rape was just found guilty for all charges.

The young victim said she was raped after a student that was wearing a dress came into the girls’ bathroom at her high school, Stone Bridge, which is one of the schools in the Loudoun County district. The sheriff’s department in the county confirmed that an assault did in fact occur back on the 28th of May, as the victim alleged.

The sheriff’s department arrested the boy, who was only 14, reported ABC 7News. The judge in the case ruled in favor of the victim, saying that the facts of the case were enough to prove that the defendant did forcibly assault the victim.

The victim’s father, Scott Smith, found himself in custody after he attended a school board meeting to oppose the school’s policy which allowed students to use whichever bathroom that they ‘identify’ with.

The School Board first tried to deny that they even knew about the incident that occurred on May 28th, but emails proved that to be incorrect, as the superintendent, Scott Ziegler, informed others about the incident through email.

Parents are demanding resignation from Ziegler and other members of the board resign over their flawed leadership and attempts to cover up sexual assault in multiple cases.

The juvenile court system told Smith that the boy who raped his daughter was at him mother’s home under house arrest, but later, on the 6th of October, a 15 year old boy forced a girl into her classroom and touched her inappropriately. This is the same boy who assaulted Smith’s daughter while attending her school back in May.

Sentencing for the young man will likely happen in November.

The Smith family is doing their best to make sure this never happens to any other young girls while they are attending school, where they should be safe.

Author: Ginger Branson