Psaki Slips, Biden’s True Agenda Exposed — It’s Worse Than You Thought

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki dispelled any illusion that the Biden administration’s COVID-19 response involved temporary measures last Tuesday during a briefing. Psaki admitted that Democrat President Biden is leveraging the pandemic to completely change the American way of life and how its economy functions.

When asked about potentially cutting some needless government programs, and in that way reducing the enormous price tag of Biden’s now $4.5 trillion budget proposal, Psaki threw out the idea. She made it clear that the White House views every piece of Biden’s included wish-list as a top priority which must be passed as quickly as possible.

Psaki explained that “[Biden] wants to make fundamental change… he feels that [now] is… the time to do that.” She added that Biden and other Democrats feel that this may be their last opportunity for a while to make radical changes such as climate change spending and regulation, as well as subsidizing childcare and universal pre-k.

In saying this, Psaki spoke the quiet part out loud, admitting the true reason behind the Biden administration’s radical expansion of federal power as well as their damaging economic policies. The president is not letting this tragedy go to waste and instead seeks to make “fundamental change” to the United States and our way of life.

It’s of note that Psaki cited the “climate crisis” rather than underscoring the fuel shortage crisis, or the border crisis, or the supply chain crisis, or the inflation crisis, or any other crisis that Biden created within the first year of his term.

Psaki’s message also reveals that the White House is desperate to push through the administration’s agenda sooner rather than later, and admits of the fear they have regarding the coming 2022 midterm elections, which will doubtlessly unseat a huge number of Democrats.

Biden’s job approval is in rapid backslide and independent voters are signaling a complete lack of support for the aged president amid the multitude of crises he’s created both at home and abroad. Odds of there being a Republican majority in Congress are quickly becoming a reality, a nightmare which the president can’t escape. If Biden thought he was having difficulty pushing his woke, communist agenda through the Senate and House now while it’s controlled by Democrats, then there’s no chance that he’ll be able to accomplish anything with a Republican majority in control.

Author: Nicholas Ford