Psaki Runs Like The Wind When Asked This Question About The Biden Family

The Press Secretary for the White House, Jen Psaki, used a page from Joe Biden’s playbook on Wednesday when she bolted from the public podium after she was asked to comment on Joe’s Son, Hunter’s, latest news about his laptop scandal.

After being asked the question, Psaki promptly closed her book and said “Thanks everyone!” Before bolting out of the room.

One journalist had the gall to ask Psaki about it, and can be heard asking Psaki about it in the video. He starts off with the fact that in 2019, Psaki tried to brush Hunter’s scandal off as Russian disinformation, but now the information has been corroborated. You can hear the journalist ask her if she’s now changed her mind. But then she takes off.

Psaki also was grilled by white house reporters when the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, met with everyone in the Oval Office. She says that Biden didn’t answer questions because he wasn’t happy the press was called on with him being alerted in advance.

While in the office, the Prime Minister asked for questions from British reporters, but American reporters were escorted out when they asked the United State President to answer any of their questions, according to one reporter who was on the scene.

Psaki says that Boris called on his press corps, but didn’t give any notice to the President of his intention to answer questions in advance. Which…. I guess the President can’t answer questions unless they are prepared for him? Odd. It’s like he’s… failing mentally.

In fact, Boris Johnson actually took questions from America’s media while in the White House as Joe Biden pouted and refused to speak to any reporters, which is why his handlers then ushered the American media out of Biden’s oval office.

Shorter following this meeting, the American press pool went to Jen Psaki’s office and filed a formal complaint to her, but she was of course, unsympathetic to the complaint. She just said she wasn’t in any position to offer a solution to these issues, and wasn’t even aware it had happened. Nice work, Psaki. Really. You’re a fantastic Press Secretary.

Author: Julia Wills